Dominion Eye Glaucoma Management and Glaucoma Surgery in Manassas, Warrenton, and Northern VA

If you need an ophthalmologist in VA for Glaucoma diagnosis, Glaucoma management, Glaucoma surgery, or Glaucoma second opinion, turn to the eye specialists at Dominion Eye Care in Manassas and Warrenton VA. Our ophthalmologists have years of experience with Glaucoma management, diagnosis, and surgery.

The pressure inside your eye – Intraocular Pressure (IOP) – helps to keep the eye at a normal size and shape. The normal eye pressure ranges from approximately 6 – 22 mm Hg. Problems can arise when the eye pressure is either too low or too high. Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve in the back of your eye becomes damaged as a result of the eye pressure being too high for your eye. There are numerous types of Glaucoma, however the most common forms are Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG), Angle Closure Glaucoma (ACG), and Normal or Low Pressure Glaucoma (NTG or LTG). Our ophthalmologists expertly diagnose and manage Glaucoma for hundreds of patients throughout Manassas, Warrenton, Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow, Fairfax and the Northern VA area.

Glaucoma Diagnosis In Manassas, Haymarket and Warrenton, VA

Glaucoma is a very common disorder that affects millions of people in the United States. At the earliest stages, Glaucoma can be challenging to diagnose. Glaucoma first affects the far peripheral vision and then slowly expands towards the center until patients experience severe loss of vision. These slow changes in peripheral vision can be difficult for a patient to detect until the damage is very advanced. Since Glaucoma is due to underlying deterioration of the optic nerve, once the damage has occurred, it is often irreversible. Our experienced ophthalmologists at Dominion Eye Care are skilled at detecting the earliest signs of Glaucoma to help catch the disease as quickly as possible to minimize long term impairment for patients.

Patients from All Over Virginia Turn to Dominion Eye Care for their Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma Management in Prince William, Haymarket and Fauquier

The eye doctors at Dominion Eye Care in Manassas and Warrenton, VA specialize in a wide array of management for various types of Glaucoma. At the earliest stages, Glaucoma is often managed through the use of eye drops. There are several different types of eye drops with varying qualities and your experienced ophthalmologists at Dominion Eye Care can help to tailor a regimen that works best for you. In addition, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) can be used either as an adjunct to eye drops or may be able to help alleviate the need for eye drops all together. When eye drops have failed to control the eye pressure, or if a patient is undergoing Cataract surgery and looking to reduce their drop burden, a wide range of Glaucoma surgery may be pursued to help address the eye pressure and the number of drops a patient needs to take.

Glaucoma Surgery in Manassas, Warrenton, Woodbridge, Haymarket, Gainesville, Centreville and Fairfax

The expert surgeons at Dominion Eye Care are well trained and have performed thousands of Glaucoma procedures to address patients with all types of Glaucoma conditions. We are in an exciting time for Glaucoma surgery where patients have a wide range of Glaucoma surgery options available to address their eye pressure needs and to reduce the number of eye drops required to control their Glaucoma. Numerous Minimally Invasive Glaucoma procedures (MIGS) have been developed over the last decade to reduce the complications and healing time required after Glaucoma surgery. Among these MIGS procedures include the iStent, Hydrus stent, goniotomy, canaloplasty, OMNI system, Streamline, Kahook blade and Xen gel stent. More traditional surgeries like trabeculectomy and tube shunt procedures are also performed for patients with more advanced Glaucoma and higher pressure needs.

If you are planning to undergo Glaucoma surgery in VA, ask our Dominion Eye Care ophthalmologists about the wide variety of Glaucoma surgeries available for your condition.

For Glaucoma diagnosis, Glaucoma management, or Glaucoma surgery, call the ophthalmologists at Dominion Eye Care serving Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket and Warrenton VA today.

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